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Welcome to Midway Optometry

in San Diego, CA

We're happy to welcome you to the official website for Midway Optometry, your family's new home for a lifetime of primary eye and vision services in San Diego CA. From comprehensive eye care and corrective lenses to our downloadable online forms and variety of payment options, we've designed our practice to provide you with unparalleled convenience and quality of service. Take a moment to look through this site and explore the many features we have to offer -- including, of course, our contact information so you can schedule your first appointment!

Top-Quality Care From Our Experienced Optometrist

Experience makes all the difference in the exacting, detail-driven world of optometry -- and you'd be hard pressed to find a greater depth of experience than you'll find in our optometrist, Dr. Michael S Matthews. Dr. Matthews actually completed a full and rewarding optometry career before even coming to Midway Optometry, serving as a senior optometrist in both san Francisco (Oasis Optometry) and Alameda (Alameda Eyes Optometry), in addition to his volunteer work for Guatemala's Hospital del La Familia. Now you can put those many years of experience to work for the benefit of your own eyes, and those of your family members, here in San Diego.

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A Full Suite of Services to Support Your Ocular Health and Wellness

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment capabilities help us provide a wide range of services. From the still-developing eyes of infants to the aging eyes of seniors, we can watch over your ocular health and wellness for years to come. Rely on Midway Optometry for:

  • Complete eye exams - Complete eye exams help you preserve your eyes' health, function, and visual acuity. Our optometrist can inspect your eyes inside and out while determining whether you have a refractive error in need of correction.
  • Glasses and contact lenses - We're you're one-stop shop for glasses in a variety of lens materials, filters, coatings and frames. If you prefer contact lenses, we can recommend the ideal type of contacts for your needs and make sure they fit perfectly.
  • Glaucoma testing - Eye pressure testing and other screening methods let us detect signs of glaucoma, a sight-robbing disease which usually displays no early symptoms at all.
  • Pre-operative and post-operative eye care - Planning to get refractive eye surgery? We're on hand to help through pre-operative and post-operative care.
  • Dry Eye Screening - Dry eye screening can help us detect signs that the eye may not be producing enough tears or tears evaporate too quickly.
  • Color Deficiency Testing - Do you feel that you may have some color blindness? Request for a color deficency test on the day of your next exam. We also carry lenses for color deficient people to use.
  • BlephEx Treatments - We offer the newest treatment for blepharitis, it is an in-practice procedure performed directly by Dr. Matthews.

Get Acquainted With Our San Diego Clinic

While we're glad we can give you this online introduction to Midway Optometry, there's only so much we can convey from a distance; ultimately you need to know that you and your loved ones will like us and feel confident in our skills, and that means visiting our San Diego clinic in person. Call (619) 224-2973 or use our handy online appointment request page to set up an initial consultation today. You'll be glad you took the time to secure the best possible eye care for your family!

Meet The Optometrist

Meet The Optometrist

  • Michael Matthews, OD
    Dr. Michael S Matthews graduated from the School of Optometry at the University of California, Berkeley. Senior Optometrist at Oasis Optometry in San Francisco and Alameda Eyes Optometry in Alameda, Dr. Matthews sold both practices and retired to Mazatlan, Mexico. Dr. Matthews has been a volunteer staff optometrist for the Hospital del La Familia in Guatemala since 1991. He retired as a Lt. Commander from the United States Coast Guard Reserve where he served primarily in Search & Rescue in the San Francisco Bay out of Yerba Buena Island. Dr. Matthews enjoys boating, fishing and dancing the Argentinean Tango with his wife Ivy.
  • "This is a great place for everything eye related. Dr. Matthews and his staff are super friendly and efficient. They have the latest equipment to be able to meet your every need. I've had bad experiences with other optometrists, not here. I highly recommend them."
    Joe D./Google
  • "Amazing eye technology Midway Optometry is a very friendly and helpful place to check your eyes. I had an amazing experience today in my first eye examination of my life....Dr. Mathews is one of the most helpful doctors that I received care from. I really recommend this place to get your eyes checked the eye technology is amazing and painless. Dr. Mathews will take the best care possible for your vision and eye health."
    Rafa L./Google
  • "Took my children and myself for eye exams and were so happy with the doctor! He was easy to talk to, my children were comfortable, and they have tons of awesome gadgets to make your eye exam the most thorough! And no awful air in the eye machine!!!"
    Maria B/Yelp
  • "What a pleasant experience! Not only did Midway Optometry explain what they were doing from step to step when I asked, they did so in a warm and professional manner. I greatly appreciated it! When it came to selecting lenses, Dawn also took the time to determine the most cost-effective path. YAY!!"
    HK H./Yelp
  • "Dr. Matthews is great! Super friendly and knowledgeable including more pedestrian explanations of what's going on in your eyes and vision. I also appreciate the mindfulness in maximizing insurance benefits for their products."
    Joe J./Yelp
  • "Best optometrist I’ve been to. Dr. Mathews is very helpful and knowledgeable. Most impotently he shares that information with you. Because if him I understand my eyes and how they are working. The ladies are at front are very friendly and more then happy to help and answer any of your questions. Highly recommend this optometrist!!!"
    Erin C.
  • "Dr. Mathews is a great optometrist. I went in with an eye problem and he diagnosed it before I explained it to him. His exams are thorough. His demeanor is mellow. I also want to give kudos to his staff - Dawn and Hannah. They are both friendly as well as efficient at what they do."
    George F.
  • "I could not have been more pleased with my experience. My appointment was efficient and very informative. As this was my first eye appointment in nearly 15 years I came in confused and a little concerned. I left calm and comfortable that I was in good hands. Thank you!"
    Mark A.

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