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Sunglasses Offered by our San Diego Optometrist

Many wear sunglasses in part to make a fashion statement. However, sunglasses are beneficial for the overall health of your eyes. If you wear eyeglasses, we recommend also getting a pair of prescription sunglasses. When you buy a pair of sunglasses in a drug store or department store, you may not be getting the full UV-protection benefits or you may be compromising your vision by not having prescription lenses. Here at Midway Optometry in San Diego, we offer prescription sunglasses in a variety of designs to help your eyes stay protected, while still staying fashion forward.

Women driving to the beach with their new sunglasses.

Sunglasses Keep Your Eyes Protected

Sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays and prevent several potential eye problems including:

  • Eye Sunburn - also known as Photokeratitis
  • Cataracts - UV light can accelerate cataract development
  • Macular Degeneration - UV rays increase the risk by damaging the retinas and central vision
  • Cancer of the Eyelids - including melanoma are more likely to develop with increased UV exposure

Protection from Glare

While many inexpensive sunglasses may claim to protect your eyes from glare, the only certain way to protect against glare is to have polarized prescription sunglasses. Those who participate in outdoor activities, such as water sports, biking, golfing, and jogging find themselves struggling during their performance because glare gets in their way, as it reflects off flat surfaces. Drivers also face similar challenges, in which case polarized prescription sunglasses are even more important.

Choosing Designer Prescription Sunglasses

Another benefit of choosing to buy sunglasses at Midway Optometry in San Diego, CA is that you'll have a great selection of designers to choose from. We can offer professional guidance for choosing your pair, whether you are looking for women's prescription sunglasses or men's prescription sunglasses. 

At Midway, we carry some of the finest designer frames for both prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, including

  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Bebe
  • Calvin Klein
  • Nike
  • Trina Turk
  • XXL
  • Ovvo
  • Dragon
  • Dolabany
  • MCM
  • WileyX
  • and More

Part of Your Total Eye Health

Wearing sunglasses is an important part of maintaining your eye health. By having fitted prescription sunglasses from Midway Optometry, you'll get the protection you need from sunglasses that not only maintain your vision, but fit your face and style just right. 

Contact our Optometrist in San Diego for Prescription Sunglasses

To learn more about our extensive sunglass selection, or to schedule an exam with an eye doctor, contact Midway Optometry in San Diego, California at (619) 224-2973.

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