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Causes and Treatments of Pink Eye with our Point Loma Optometrist in San Diego

Pink eye, technically known as conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. This is the clear coating that covers the whites of the eyes. The insides of the eyelids are also covered by conjunctival tissue. Though the tissue itself is clear, it contains blood vessels. When they become inflamed, the eye turns red, pink, or bloodshot. There are different types of conjunctivitis and different causes. At Midway Optometry, our optometrist in Point Loma, San Diego can help diagnoses and treat conjunctivitis.

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Conjunctivitis Caused by Infections

Germs that cause pinkeye are often very contagious, and for this reason, children who get it are advised to stay home from school if they show pink eye symptoms. These germs spread very quickly in crowded environments like schools and workplaces.

Three classes of microbes can be behind a case of infective conjunctivitis: Viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Viral infections don't respond to antibiotics or antifungals, so treatment is centered on reducing the pain and eye watering that can accompany the infection. Bacteria, on the other hand, respond well to antibiotics, so they will be prescribed by your eye doctor to clear the infection faster.

Fungal infections are rare, but when they happen, they can be quite serious. Antifungal treatments will be prescribed. These infections aren't as contagious as the other kinds and typically come from direct contact with contaminated materials.


Red eyes are common symptoms of allergies. They may also itch, burn, water, or a combination of all three. This form of conjunctivitis is non-contagious but is sometimes confused with the contagious varieties since symptoms like redness, burning, and excessive tearing can overlap. If you have any doubt, see your eye doctor.

Treatments for Pink Eye

Pink eye treatment depends on the cause of the conjunctivitis. If you have a bacterial or fungal infection, you'll be given medications to eliminate the invading microbes. For viral pink eye, you may get eye drops meant to make your eyes feel better. Allergic conjunctivitis is handled with anti-allergy eye drops or other allergy medications.

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