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Dry Eye Screening and Treatment

Dry Eyes Screening and Treatment at Midway Optometry, Your Optometrist in San Diego

As a full-service eye and vision care provider, our team at Midway Optometry has helped many of our patients to find treatment for dry eyes. If you are struggling with uncomfortable or even painful eyes, contact us for an appointment. As your trusted optometrist in San Diego, we are available to help you find a solution today.

woman applying eye drops to dry eyes

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a condition in which the eyes do not make enough or produce enough quality tears to keep the eye comfortable. Tears have an important function within the eyes. Every time you blink, the moisture in your eyes and your tears helps to cleanse the surface of your eyes. This ensures you have clear vision. With each blink, the tear film spreads over the eye. Yet, in some people, the production of tears is limited or the quality of those tears is not enough to help clear this surface. Dry eyes is a common eye condition and one that can be treated in most individuals.

What Are Dry Eye Causes?

A variety of factors can contribute to dry eyes. The most common include:

• Age, it is more likely that you'll develop dry eyes as you get older

• Lifestyle choices, the use of digital applications such as computer screens and mobile phones will damage the ability of the eye to produce tears

• Environment, smoke or exposure to wind, dry climates, or even too much air conditioning can lead to dry eye symptoms

• Gender, women are more likely to suffer from this condition than men

• Overall eye health, those who have used contacts for an extended period or have had refractive eye surgery are more likely to develop this condition

Dry Eye Diagnosis from Your Eye Doctor

When you come in to see your eye doctor, we'll perform a thorough eye exam. One of the steps in this process is the use of OCULUS Keratography 5M. This device will determine if you have dry eye syndrome. It works to measure the quality and quantity of tears produced. With this tool, we can determine what the cause is and the available treatment options for you.

Treatment Options for Dry Eyes

Treatment options for dry eyes are numerous. Your eye doctor will discuss them with you. In some situations, we'll work to stimulate the production of tears. We may be able to help this with eye drops. In other cases, such as when there is a blockage of the tear duct, we may recommend minor surgery to improve that condition. We can measure the progress of any treatment through the OCULUS Keratography 5M as well.

Schedule a Consultation and Eye Exam for Dry Eyes by Calling Us Today

At Midway Optometry, we offer the most up-to-date treatment options and diagnostic tools for dry eyes. When you call to schedule an eye exam, our team will provide you with in-depth information and support. Call your optometrist in San Diego for an eye exam at 619-224-2973.

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