Eye Exam

It's important to stay on top of your eye health and that may mean regularly going to see an eye doctor. If you live in San Diego, CA, you can visit us at Midway Optometry for an eye exam to help make sure your eye health is in good shape.

Eye Exam

What Happens during an Eye Exam?

Eye exams go beyond just ensuring that you have a certain level of vision or if you need to get glasses. That happens during a vision test. When you have an eye exam, the eye doctor will thoroughly examine your eyes to make sure you don't have any conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or cataracts, among other things.

If this is your first visit, you may go over your recent eye health history. You might be asked about your family history and whether you're experiencing any problems with your eyes.

What Do They Test?

We will test your visual acuity, which can include how well you can see out of each eye. If you need glasses or contacts, we will do measurements to make sure you get the right prescription. We may also do various tests to see if you have developed any hidden eye diseases.

How Long Does the Exam Last?

You can usually expect the eye exam to take an hour or so. After the eye exam, a member of our optometry team can explain all of our findings and prescribe any medication you need.

Eye exams are important for diagnosing certain conditions. While these conditions can happen at any age, especially if you have a genetic predisposition to it, many happen as you get older. That's it is recommended you have regular appointments, usually every year. This way, an eye doctor on our team will be able to make sure that it hasn't worsened.

Get Eye Care and an Eye Exam Near You from an Optometrist Near You

All of us at Midway Optometry want to help the people of San Diego, CA, see their best. You don't have to search for an optometrist near you or for an eye exam near you when we are here to help. Call us at (619) 224-2973 to get the eye care you need from an eye doctor on our optometry team.

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