Color Vision Testing

Color vision testing offers you the opportunity to make sure you can see all the colors properly. It can help you determine if you have color blindness and allow you options for treatment moving forward. Midway Optometry in the San Diego, CA, area is here to help you get the right information and support for all your vision needs. We can test your vision and answer all of your questions about it.

Color Vision Testing

What is Color Vision Testing?

Color vision testing is a test to see how well you can distinguish one color from another. It helps you know if you can see colors normally or if you have any deficiency. It is important to find deficiencies in your color vision so you can be aware of them and adapt to them. There are color vision tests for larger deficiencies and tests to gauge how a person sees the broader spectrum of colors around them.

What Will This Test Tell You?

This test is designed to tell you if you have color blindness, or if you cannot see colors in the same way most people do. Not seeing colors correctly can put you at risk of an accident when you drive since you may not be able to distinguish traffic light colors. It can also lead to frustrations, such as not being able to pick out matching clothing or see the correct colors of everyday objects. Getting proper testing from an optometrist is the right choice.

How Can an Optometrist Help?

An optometrist can help by providing you with color vision testing. They then request additional or more comprehensive tests if they notice a problem. You will get a better understanding of how you see color and receive the correct treatment or support you need. Our eye care can help you adapt to the way your eyes work and keep you safe.

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It is important to get your color vision tested so you can understand your color vision abilities. That is why Midway Optometry in San Diego, CA, is here to get you the treatment you need so you can keep living a safe and healthy life. Call us today at (619) 224-2973 to learn more about your color vision and get help to work around potential color blindness.

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